Photo: Politics and the Apocalypse

Sometimes I like to mess with the curves function on my photo editor. There’s not much skill involved – you just toggle the color values around here and there until you get something that looks cool. It took about five minutes to transform an ordinary picture into an apocalyptic landscape. That’s about the same amount of time it would take the chain of command to launch an intercontinental ballistic missile. It’s a sobering thought, even after a few deep pours of single malt.

On the brighter side, here’s a link to Gavin Chappell’s Schlock! Webzine.

He’ll be publishing my novel, The Lake Erie Lights, in serial format over the coming months. I thought it only fair to give him a quick plug. He’s based in the United Kingdom, and he brings in writers who contribute compelling stories concerning science fiction, fantasy, and horror.  If you’re a fan of any of those genres, check it out. It’s free.


One of my favorite places here on WordPress is, “The Drabble – Shortness of Breadth.” Drabbles are short, hard-hitting written works that weigh in right around 100 words. They’re a lot like a shot of whiskey – you ingest them quickly, and then let the effects gradually sink in over a period of time.

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Friday’s Photo: Mayfly


When mayflies hatch in the Great Lakes Region, they can swarm in such numbers that their biomass is picked up on weather and military satellites. The lifespan of an adult mayfly is about 24 hours. As they begin to die en masse, their bodies pile up in the streets and on the sidewalks. This yearly phenomenon serves a macabre reminder that our time in this world is fleeting.