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I read somewhere that olfactory stimuli can significantly increase activity in regions of the brain associated with emotion and memory recall.  I think the article was published in, Scientific American, but now I can’t find that particular issue.  I must have set it down somewhere, but for the life of me, I can’t remember where.

You see, my memory doesn’t always cooperate.  I know the information is encoded somewhere in my brain.  I just can’t access it right now.  It’s perplexing.

What’s even more perplexing is how the slightest little thing can trigger a very vivid memory of something I experienced months, years, or even decades ago.  Certainly, olfactory induced memories are very vivid for me. But, curiously, any kind of stimuli can cause me to recall an event from my distant past in tremendous detail.  It can be the most random thing, like how the light filters through an icicle that’s suspended from a gutter.  Or, the sound of train wheels screeching on the track.

I’ve decided to start a new project that will document these types of sudden, detailed memories.  I’ll format it in short, first person narratives, and I’ll continue the project as long as I think it’s helpful to the creative process. When it’s over, I’ll make some evaluations and see if there’s anything useful we can take away from it.

I’m going to title this project, Mimeograph Memories.  The first entry, which I’ll post soon, will give you some insight as to why I chose this title.

Keep writing, keep revising, and be kind.



2 thoughts on “Memory”

  1. Yes, I think memory is fascinating – we use filters for what we choose to ‘forget’, but it’s not truly forgotten at all and can be accessed in little ways, then a memory can become so vivid, more than you ever thought possible. Good luck with the experiment!

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