Haiku Archives: The Grand Illusion

artificial communication

This haiku was inspired by research that is being conducted by theoretical physicist, Dr. Sylvester James Gates Jr., of Maryland University.  Gates claims that he has discovered error correcting computer codes woven into the equations of String Theory.  He claims  these findings are highly suggestive that our universe is, in fact, a computer simulation.

Gates’ ideas have met resistance in the scientific community, but this isn’t your run of the mill, tinfoil hat wearing crackpot conspiracy theorist. He’s widely recognized as one of the most brilliant theoretical physicists in the world.

It’s a bit sobering when somebody of this intellect claims our entire reality might be happening inside the quantum mainframe of some hyper-advanced alien species. The concept makes me feel like we’re all on thin ice. Anyway, here’s the haiku. Enjoy.


There were some cutbacks

simulation 86ed

sorry and goodbye

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