Bear With Me . . .

After a stern lecture from my editor, I’ve seen the light. The term is “Bear with me,” as opposed to “Bare with me.” So if you can bear with me, I have to plug my novel every now and then . . .

Funny Panda Bear. Comical young Panda Bear on the tree. Lying cute young Giant Panda feeding feeding bark of tree. Sichuan Giant Panda from China, Asia. Rare animal in the nature forest habitat.


This is a true story. I’ll set the stage for you. I was in high school, so you have to go way back to the early 90’s.

It was a calm night in May, and I was out with my buddy fishing on Lake Erie. We were in a little boat with an outboard motor – I’d say about a mile from the shore. The fish weren’t biting, but it was nice just to be on the water. The Moon was out, but there was some cloud cover. A white light suddenly became visible in the western sky. It glowed with enough intensity to show through the clouds. Another white light appeared, this one in the north. The two lights converged on each other at a good clip, then merged into a single point of light in the northwest sky. Then it disappeared.

“What the hell was that?” my buddy asked.

“I don’t know,” I said. There were no landmarks out there to give me any idea of scale. The lights could have been way out over Canadian water, or only a couple miles away. I had no idea.

“You want to keep fishing?” my buddy asked.

“Yeah, might as well. We’re all ready out here,” I said. Pretty soon, the walleye really started to bite.

I didn’t know it back then, but I had already started to write my first science fiction novel. After a quarter century of fermenting in my subconscious, the memory of those strange lights finally emerged on paper. The result is an eclectic narrative that spans time, space, and mind. You can find the book trailer below if you’re interested. I’d appreciate the support.

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  1. Thank you nice of you, but would like to encourage your work actually so I can wait, I also prefer paper but in case buying and shipping is a hassle, I choose the digital version that’s it
    Thank you and best of luck

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