Haiku: Fastball

Today’s haiku was inspired by a memory I have of playing in a baseball tournament down in Cincinnati, Ohio. I was seventeen – a pretty good shortstop, but certainly not a Major League prospect. There were several guys on other teams who had attracted scouts from Division I colleges, and there was a pitcher who had caught the attention of a few professional organizations – I think the Royals and the Reds.

They came equipped with radar guns, and they pointed them at the pitcher as he was warming up in the bullpen. Someone’s dad peeked over the shoulder of a scout and said the gun registered at 91 mph. I didn’t believe it until I stepped up to the plate and saw his fastball firsthand.

Baseball Player Pitcher Throw Ball Retro

the pitcher winds up,

he’s a titan in pinstripes –

a blur sizzles by

5 thoughts on “Haiku: Fastball”

  1. I’ve heard that elite hitters have extraordinary eyesight – better than 20/15. Even so, you still have to have the intestinal fortitude to stand in there and pick out a pitch to hit. And then you still have to have the strength to get the barrel of the bat through the hitting zone before the ball is in the catcher’s glove. I tip my hat to the ones who can do that with any consistency. It’s truly remarkable.

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  2. Hello Hawk! Interesting blog you have. Thanks for the follow on I Write Her. Do hope you enjoy my thoughts too! šŸ™‚ BTW, I have a weekly haiku/senryu challenge. Perhaps you’d like to participate sometime?

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