7 thoughts on “Photo Archives: Skinny Sunset”

  1. I wasn’t familiar with that song, but I checked it out. It’s pretty cool. And thank you for the feedback. I’m always a little nervous when I post a photo, since I have no formal background and only a cellphone camera. There are photographers on WordPress who routinely post brilliant photos (Tom’s Nature-up-close Photography and Mindfulness Blog comes to mind immediately). The community here has been very supportive of my early attempts. I appreciate it.

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  2. It’s amazing what we can do with cell phone cameras. Often having restrictions — like the haiku’s seventeen syllables — liberates us to do finer writing. I find that too: the WordPress community is very supportive

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  3. Yes, I’ve come to find out that less is more. Having technical limitations, or word count maximums really forces one to focus on details they might otherwise over look. That fact is apparent in your poetry and short fiction. You certainly have a knack for making a big impact in a few words.


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