4 thoughts on “Haiku Archives: Mustangs”

  1. I can usually tell right away when I have something that’s a cut above my usual stuff. Other times, I feel like I’m close to something good, but no matter how many revisions, it never quite materializes. I’ll revisit those elusive ones months, or even years later to see if I can get that final draft down on paper. And you’re right – I was never totally happy with this one.


  2. For some reason your comment was sent to the spam pile. I’m glad I caught it. I cannot take credit for this beautiful image, however, I am licensed to use it. All my Friday’s Photo posts are 100% my original work, and I think I do have some interesting things to share. But this photo is way beyond my technical and artistic ability. Maybe one day I’ll be in the ballpark, but I have a lot to learn before I get to that point.


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