Free Verse

Here’s some more free verse.  The title probably needs to be revised.  If you have a suggestion, feel free to leave it in the comments.





At the Last Minute the Guy Decided Not to Go to the Reunion, and Instead Watched the Ballgame at Some Dive on the Outskirts of Town.


It has been a hard ride.

The tank is half empty now,

and far away memories

are redshifted in the

rearview mirror.

He can see the building

jutting from the horizon –

its predicable geometry

reaches into the sky

as his mundane destiny

begins to crystallize

within its form.

He is the architect

of his own prison,

of his own tomb,

but there is still time

to escape it.

He steps on the gas

and drives like hell through

the winding night as the

constellations scatter – afraid

and unable to control him

any longer.