Photo: More Pareidolia


While renovating a retirement home, I remove a coaxial cable box from a plaster wall and discover what looks like a rectangular clown face underneath. One of the tenants passing in the hallway notices the oddity, and informs me that it’s a demon. I assure her that it’s not a demon, but just in case, I’m quick to mix up a batch of patching compound and trowel over it.

Haiku: Pareidolia


Recently, I’ve started noticing a strange reflection on my bedroom door. It happens around dusk. I think it looks like Bigfoot. I know the picture is grainy, but for the sake of curiosity, I’d like to hear from anyone who also sees an image. What’s it look like to you? Anyway, here’s a haiku about it.


or does Bigfoot live in the

wood grain of my door?