Friday’s Photo: Fog on the Waterfront


Foreground: A signalman watching over the cargo hold of a freighter ship communicates with an onshore crane operator through a series of hand gestures.

Background: On another vessel moored in the adjacent slip, longshoremen marry two ship’s cranes together by rigging the same beam to each of their hoisting blocks. This procedure is necessary whenever the cargo’s weight exceeds the lifting capacity of a single crane. In this instance, the cargo was a 105 metric tonne machine piece.






Haiku: After the Sun Sets


The experts are calling for severe winter weather to hammer much of the United States this weekend. To boost morale, I thought I’d post a haiku I wrote last summer on an absolutely beautiful night. I took the picture at a clearing overlooking one of my favorite fishing spots on Lake Erie.

after the Sun sets

an obsidian silence

slowly fills the sky