From the Archives: Haiku and a Picture

I took this photo with a disposable Kodak camera from inside a bunker in Dutch Harbor, Alaska. Many bunkers like this one were constructed throughout the Aleutian Islands to help fortify U.S. territory against advancing Japanese forces during World War 2.  The Aleutian campaign lasted from June 1942 – August 1943.



reinforced concrete

falling sky, erupting earth –

a tree hopes for peace




From the Archives: Haiku Inspired by an Old Photo


I took this picture on a disposable Kodak way back when I didn’t have a cell phone.  The photo was hidden away in an old shoebox until I rediscovered it while searching for something else that’s totally unrelated.  After some reflection, I thought of this poem.


beneath rustling grass

memories of wind and sky

spark in hollow skulls

Friday’s Photo: Two Screams


A kid from the neighborhood reacts to my buddy’s pickup truck after it was totaled in an accident. Fortunately, nobody was seriously hurt.

I couldn’t help but notice how similar the kid looks to the figure in the famous Edvard Munch painting, popularly known as, The Scream. *

*By Edvard Munch – National Gallery of Norway, Public Domain,


Photo Editing Take 2: The Haserot Angel

I had a lot of fun with Friday’s Photo series, so I thought I’d try one more today. The top picture is the original – I posted it back in January. It’s a statue that presides over the Haserot tomb in Lake View Cemetery in Cleveland, Ohio. Below it are three variations of the original. Enjoy.