Haiku and a Picture

From the archives . . .

View from inside a bunker in Dutch Harbor, Alaska (Fall 2004). Many bunkers like this one were constructed throughout the Aleutian Islands to help fortify U.S. territory against advancing Japanese forces during World War 2.  The Aleutian campaign lasted from June 1942 – August 1943.



reinforced concrete

falling sky, erupting earth

a tree hopes for peace




Wild Grass and Turbine

Years ago, a local company bought this massive wind turbine from Holland. It arrived in seven or eight pieces by freighter ship. At the time, I was working on the Port of Cleveland as a longshoreman, and my job was to help get this thing to the build site. We loaded it from the ship onto several trucks with articulated trailers to accommodate the massive pieces.

The convoy of trucks had to be escorted by state police  just to get the thing to the site. Once completed, it was an impressive spectacle because it is situated at a busy suburban intersection. At the highest point, the top fin reaches a height of 443 feet. You usually only see turbines of this size way out in rolling fields, or some such rural setting.

Today I happened to be on a marginal road that runs between a major interstate and some railroad tracks. I saw the turbine in the distance, and I thought I’d try to remember something about the basics of photography composition. It turns out, I don’t remember much, but I still thought the picture I snapped was kind of cool.


Haiku: Spectral Fingers

I just have a quick announcement before I get to my haiku. I’ve got my book out in a couple different electronic formats. The ink and paper copies will roll off the presses sometime in the near future. If you’re interested, you can find it at the following link  https://kellan-publishing.selz.com/item/the-lake-erie-lights

There’s a brief synopsis that will give you a little insight into what the novel is all about. Take a look and see if it’s your cup of tea. Feel free to share the link, too. I’d appreciate it.

Now, on to the haiku. This one’s for everyone who has been hard at work raking leaves in the waning light of late autumn. Enjoy.


serpentine shadows

spilling from barren branches

like spectral fingers

Haiku Inspired by an Old Photo


I took this picture on a disposable Kodak way back when I didn’t have a cell phone.  The photo was hidden away in an old shoe box until I rediscovered it while searching for something else that’s totally unrelated.  After reflecting for awhile, I thought of this poem.


beneath rustling grass

memories of wind and sky

spark in hollow skulls